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Celebrate your natural beauty with a custom portrait! Each paper cut is hand-drawn and hand-cut, capturing the glory of every curl and kink in your hair. Wear your hair in a cool style, and add decorations (earrings, necklace, glasses) to make your custom portrait stand out! 

A classic way to decorate your home or to give as a gift!


The silhouette will fit an 11 x 14 frame.


Your custom silhouette is carefully packed and shipped via USPS.


How to order

Purchase listing 
Email your photographs to
Any customization will appear exactly as entered
Portraits are completed 5-10 business days from receiving your photos.


Tips for photo

 Take 1-2 digital photographs of your model. Have your model stand comfortably in front of a light or neutral background.  Stand 3-4 feet away, leveled with the head of your model. Models' posture should be tall, straight with their mouths closed, and relaxed. Ensure you get the head and shoulders and the hair is pulled away from the face and shoulders.

Please save the image with your first initial and last name.

11 x 14 Classic Silhouette

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