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Janelle Washington Paper Cuts in the News

Janelle Washington's paper cut art and illustrations have been featured in media outlets online and in the news. Below you find a list comprised of reviews, artist spotlights, in-person interviews and commentary surround Janelle's work and the art of paper cutting.

paper cut press and news

Talks with Roger interview: read more

Kirkus Reviews: read more

Richmond Times-Dispatch: read more

VCU  Arts/ VCU News: read more
Angela Joy: read more
St. Paul's: watch video/read more
Fuse 8: read more
Fitzgerald Fine Arts: read more
Women You Should Know interview: read more
Book/Print Collective: read more
ArtNet: read more
SuperSelected: read more
Downing-Gross: read more
Art Impact: read more
Publick Playhouse: read more
American Craft Council: read more
ArtCentron: read more
Ikouii: read more
Paper Cut Artist around the World: read more
Aphrochic: read more
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