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Blooming in the Whirlwind

"Blooming in the Whirlwind" is a visual call to action using paper portraits of young Black Americans flourishing and blooming as a reminder to persist and thrive in this warped land, America.

The portraits portray the individuals as the embodiment of strength and wonder in a life of uncertainty surrounded by a whirlwind as they defy the odds to continue to grow. This series is inspired by Gwendolyn Brooks, poem Second Sermon on the Warpland. I reference her text as oral history; her powerful words are full of life and energy, giving me the means to explore and create imagery through cut paper, passing along the stories of young Black Americans intertwined with wisdom from past generations.

Delicate, intricate cut paper crowns sit atop each young person's head, championing them and the viewer to go forth fearlessly and be the beautiful bloom.

Payment plans are available. Please email to go forward.

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