Artist Statement

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Using paper as my medium, I unearth forgotten or untold stories that highlight the struggles and perseverance of Black people in America. I explore themes of history, identity, family, and feminine beauty in Black culture.


Working with a simple sheet of black or white paper and a box of blades, I cut multifaceted designs to weave stories of strength, perseverance, and pride. Using paper reminds me of my ancestors and how a transformation can occur from humble beginnings, creating something extraordinary. Drawing on history and poetry, I collaborate with poets like Langston Hughes and Gwendolyn Brooks by allowing their words and poetic rhythms to influence my work. With these influences, I sometimes incorporate details like thread, gold leaf, painted backgrounds, and tissue paper infills to reflect the different shades of melanin and to add a present-day point of view to my paper cut designs.


My work represents the act of understanding and appreciating those that came before me, giving space to their struggles and achievements while highlighting the joy and beauty of being Black in America. 

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