Janelle Washington is a self-taught paper cut artist from Virginia. She graduated from VCU with a BFA in Fashion Design and afterward found interest in papercutting. Her artwork explores themes of history, identity, and beauty in African American culture.
Through the simplicity of paper, Janelle creates images that showcase African American's courage, achievements, and grace in difficult situations. Paper reminds her of her ancestors, how through unpretentious beginnings a transformation can take place creating something extremely extraordinary. Through the use of positive and negative spaces, she creates patterns, symbols, and silhouettes that work simultaneously to construct a multifaceted design.
All of her papercuts and silhouettes are cut using an Exacto knife and one sheet of paper. Janelle's paper cuts retell a story of the past to current and future generations by adding a present-day perspective of empowerment and reflection.
Member of the Guild of American Papercutters

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