Jambo! My name is Janelle Washington and I am a papercut artist. I create inspirational papercuts and silhouettes for my customers who have pride in their cultural heritage, family, values self-love and celebrating who they are.
Creating papercuts is all about playing with the positive and negative spaces to create a multifaceted art piece. Do you remember creating and making snowflakes as a kid in elementary school? You start with something plain and you cut away until you have a unique and beautiful snowflake. That’s what I do, just on a grander scale. 
My papercuts are entirely black or white designs that are simple, yet very complex and intricate. I love creating silhouettes that spotlight all the details of someone’s face and hair to capture and celebrate all the little things that make them unique. I also love using geometric lines and patterns to represent all the pieces, parts, and connections that make us who we are.
I strive to create artwork to celebrate my history and rich African American culture.  From African proverbs that convey traditional wisdom to custom silhouettes that reflect natural hair, each piece will inspire you to be better, uplift you by reminding you of where you came from and encourage you by showing you positive images of African American beauty.

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Member and board member of the Guild of American Papercutters

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